99 Ideas for Improving our Education System


By: Ya’akov Shallman

Every so often a wonderful article is written lamenting the challenges in our educational system. I recently chatted with a friend of mine who confirmed that not much has changed since my time spent in yeshiva nearly 25 years ago. Many boys today like so many years ago feel they are just passing the time and serving there yeshiva “sentence”.

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Response: The Modernization of Chabad


By: Sruli Schochet

There was an article published recently on Chabad Currents by Sholom Kesselman called The Modernization of Chabad. In it he noted that in the last 15 – 20 years, we saw a significant segment of Chabad’s younger generation take on a modern trend and outlook. He attributed this change to a few factors: (a) Gimmel Tamuz, (b) the yeshiva system and its outdated objectives, (c) the in-fighting at some of the highest echelons of our Rabbinate (d) our exposure to the ever expanding technological revolution; etc. etc.

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Internet vs Yidishkeit – What will Prevail


By: Sholom Kesselman

I must admit that there is great irony in using the internet as a platform to debate the “dangers” of the internet, nevertheless here I go.

Four years ago, in 2012, there was the famous “internet Asifa” or “internet convention”, where esteemed Rabbis of ultra orthodox communities publicly raised the alarm on the dangers of the internet and fell just short of banning it outright. They strongly condemned it and characterized it as the biggest threat to Orthodox Judaism in our time. Some even went as far as classifying it as the biggest danger to ever face our religion in the entirety history.

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